Art Feature: You Piss Me Off

Recently I dug through my old artwork and supplies looking for the dwindling packet of scratchboard that I know I have somewhere. Instead of the scratchboard, I came across the art pieces I’d accumulated while in college. I mean eventually you have to get tired of looking at your own art, right?

Being under a tight budget, I never bought anything too big or fancy, but just enough to decorate the walls of my little studio apartment. Out of these pieces, my favorite has to be “You Piss Me Off” by Louis Recchia:


Most people laugh when I tell them the title. I did the first time I heard it. And after hem-ing and haw-ing for a bit, I bought it. My art at the time was really serious and angry (see Campus Climate) and so it felt worthwhile to have a piece in my life to that made me smile.

Some people see the piece and immediately interpret the woman as transgender, which I suppose is a perfectly logical interpretation. I just enjoy the punny play on words and brash humor.

The piece is drawn on a transparency, with colored paper in the background. It came with the simple but unique frame – another plus for any poor or lazy college student.

When I search online, I can’t find the exact image I bought, just variations on the same image that all going by the same title. I bought my version at Zip37 Gallery during a First Friday in Denver (on the first Friday of every month, when there are art walks all across the city).

You can find more of Louis Recchia’s work at Zip37 Gallery or on the artist’s website.