Writing a Blog is Difficult

And since this isn’t Twitter, I guess I’ll expand.

I’ve been trying to write about my recent interest in collage – these posts should be art-related, right? – but it’s turning out to be pretty dull. Even with pictures.


So the obvious solution is to write about something completely unrelated. And besides, I seem to be good at writing about not knowing what to write about, or how to write. Probably otherwise known as complaining.

Let’s get started. Ahem.

Writing a Blog is Difficult because…

1.)   I’m a perfectionist. (Am I supposed to say things like that here?)

2.)   I like anonymity on the internet. I don’t know why- it’s liberating, okay? And fun.

At certain points in your life – starting college, moving to a new city – you get to reinvent yourself, but no matter what your intentions, it’s not so easy to change. Plus, there are probably all those human beings from your “old life”, the ones who know aaaall about your secrets.

But on the internet, you can be as many people as you have usernames. Or just be Ms. Anonymous. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Even if you don’t want to be someone new, you can display your best possible self – from that ducky selfie (not endorsing this in any way) to framing your eccentricities as cute and endearing. And you’ll never get caught in your white lies or exaggerations if you never even have to meet these people! Pretty great, right?

So, are you wondering about my secret lives yet?

3.)   I don’t want to get into the technical stuff

…so I won’t. Bye!