“Come to Mama” [Political Cartoon]

Some events beg to be illustrated. They stick in my mind and I have to get them out onto the page.

The latest education debacle in the US was one example.

The events leading up to Betsy DeVos’s election to Secretary of Education were maddening, and actually a little incredible.

I’m sure I don’t need to go into how she failed miserably during her Senate confirmation hearing.

Yet here she is, newly appointed and asking where to find the pencils.

But this cartoon is about someone closer to home: Colorado Senator Cory Gardner.

On Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner’s acceptance of a $49,800 donation from DeVos

I was among the Colorado citizens who protested, asked, and pleaded with Gardner to consider the views of his constituents, but to avail. Then to find out it was all about the money.

I shouldn’t be surprised. But I won’t be complacent either.